Let's get started! Single Session

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This is for a single session with me. *

Let's take a peek into your body's story.  This is a great start on your wellness journey.

Even simple shifts in one session can have a massive imact on your health. 

* Option available to upgrade to a package after the session.





Stress building up? Isolation taking a toll? Need help?  Let me connect with you. I can improve your physical and emotional health, and reduce stress – all from the convenience of your own home!

My distance sessions are as effective as in-person sessions. Like dialing into a radio frequency, I'm trained to tune into your personal frequency, gathering all necessary information for a session without you physically present. As a Bodytalk practitioner, I will uncover the imbalances in your body that cause illness, and improve communication within your bodymind for healing. Tap into Bodytalk for better health, more energy, and a fresh outlook.

Try my distance sessions. Relax and reap the benefits!