About Bodytalk

BodyTalk is a state-of-the-art approach to integrative mind/body medicine that combines anatomy and physiology of Western medicine with the practices and healing methods of traditional Eastern philosphies and medicine such as acupressure, meridians and chakras.  In your sessions I use the BodyTalk technique to optimize the body's internal communications, helping the body to operate more efficiently, and more effectively in response to injury, illness and stress.

Bodytalk is non-invasive, completely safe and easily integrated into other healthcare regimes.

Using the body's innate wisdom as the guide, I'm able to uncover imbalances in the body and relink them to improve communication within the bodymind. The goal of Bodytalk is to return your body to an optimal state of balance, it's natural healing state, allowing for improved physical, emotional and energetic health. 

I use muscle checking, a form of neuromuscular feedback, and a protocol chart, a map of the bodies physical, emotional and energetic systems, to get yes and no answers. These answers bring awareness to what and where the imbalance in the body lies.  The revealed formula is then tapped out in the body allowing the body to make the necessary changes.

Simple in nature but powerful in results—reduced stress, better health, improved energy.


How do I perform BodyTalk by distance? 

Completion of the Mindscape course from the International Bodytalk Association and the Alpha 1 and 2 classes from the Johanne School of Intuition has enabled me to hone my intuitive skills. It is these powerful intuitive skills that allow me to skillfully conduct my sessions at a distance.    

Utilizing my mental workshop and the Bodytalk technique I am able to conduct the session just as you would be laying in front of me.

Distance sessions are as effective as in person sessions. Just as you can tune into a radio frequency to hear music on your device, I am trained to tune into your frequency to gather all necessary information for a session without you being physically present.

You in your space, me in mine.  Relax and reap the benefits!