About Bodytalk

BodyTalk utilizes state-of-the-art approach to integrative mind/body medicine by combining anatomy and physiology of Western medicine with the practices and healing methods of traditional Eastern philosphies and medicine such as acupressure, meridians and chakras.  BodyTalk works to optimize the body's internal communications, helping the body to operate more efficiently, and more effectively respond to injury, illness and stress. It is non-invasive, completely safe and easily integrated into other healthcare regimes.

How do we do it? Using the body's innate wisdom and the protocol chart, the BodyTalk Practitioner uncovers imbalances in the body and relinks them to improve communication within the bodymind. This improves physical and emotional health.

The Practitioner uses muscle checking, a form of neuromuscular feedback, and a protocol chart, a map of the bodies physical, emotional and energetic systems to get yes and no answers. From those answers a formula of imbalance is revealed. The formula is then tapped out in the body and the body makes the necessary changes.

Simple in nature but powerful in results—reduced stress, better health, improved energy.


BodyTalk at a distance: Our distance sessions are as effective as an in person session. Just as you can tune into a radio frequency to hear music on your device,  a BodyTalk Practitioner is trained to tune into the client's frequency to gather all necessary information for a session without them being physically present. Relax and reap the benefits!